Zach Bruder


Born in 1984 in Cleveland (USA). Lives and works in New York, NY

In paintings and drawings ranging from abstract to representational, Zach Bruder explores the associations we attach to words, images, and patterns. For his paintings, he works with a limited palette and on both circular and rectangular canvases. He has filled these with cartoonish images of only-just-recognizable vintage comic book characters; figures that appear to be inspired by Old Master portraits; and fragmentary images of fruit, body parts, and various landscapes. His drawings trend towards abstraction. They have featured allover, black-and-white patterns of dots and diamond shapes, which suggest Ben Day dots or grainy newspaper or photocopied images enlarged to the point of being unrecognizable. Bruder’s interest in disrupting legibility has also extended to words. For an installation project, he affixed nonsensical phrases—like “seven fold to fail”—to book covers arrayed along a wall. Their content was anyone’s guess.

Solo Exhibitions

Mendes Wood, São Paulo, BR (forthcoming)
Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels, BE (forthcoming)

Monument Around, galerie l’inlassable, Paris, FR
Plant in Repair, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Unwelcome Guest, LaMaMa Galleria, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

Slow, dimwitted carnage, Coustof Waxman, New York, NY
Tropicalia, galerie l’inlassable, Paris, FR
Record Lines This Summer, Magenta Plains, New York, NY

We agreed the paler tones would make a more subtle statement, curated by Dmitry Komis, Ida Schmid, Brooklyn, NY
Salon Society Edition 2, curated by Fabiola Alondra, Salon Society, Brooklyn, NY
Drift and Pop, curated by Olivia Smith, Orgy Park,Brooklyn, NY
There is no Fact of the Matter as to Whether or not P, 247365, New York, NY
Object of Magic curated by Eneas Capalbo, Moiety, Brooklyn, NY
647912, proposed by Edgar Sarin, galerie l’inlassable, New York, NY

Patterns of Interference, Showroom Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY