From Paul Gauguin to Simon Martin, Tropicália expores the construction of the concept of exoticism.

Galerie l’inlassable presents Tropicália, an exhibition from June 25th to July 16th 2016.

With the works of Joël Andrianomearisoa, Marcella Barceló, Guylaine Bourbon, Zach Bruder, Charlie Boisson, Stephen Dean, Raoul Dufy, Anne Deleporte, André Derain, Paul Gauguin, Célia Gondol, Frédérique Loutz, Simon Martin, James Rielly, Henri Rousseau, Sam Szafran, Florian Viel & Andy Warhol. An encounter between the tropicalist movement, musical genre, and political thought born in Brazil in the 1960s, and the idea of exoticism, this fantasy of the other, the unknown, the foreigner, is at the heart of Paul Gauguin’s paintings just prior to his trip to Tahiti. A bilateral quest is evoked here, that of the fantasy of an Elsewhere and that of transgression by border displacement. It is this quest that appears in Paul Gauguin’s l’Ibis Bleu that he created while in Tahiti in 1892, addressed to his friend and merchant Ambroise Vollard. In the lower left corner, a couple is caught up in a whirlwind of loving passion and enveloped in a decor of enchanted flora and fauna. Here is where this dreamed fantasy lies, this luxurious atmosphere marrying pleasure of the senses and alterity. Geographical and sensual exoticism intertwine, leaving the viewer to play into this contemplative rite. Exoticism, tropism, tropicalism — such terms are explored in this exhibition. From Paul Gauguin to Simon Martin, Tropicália establishes this encounter between worlds, eras and discourses, the soft fantasy of an Elsewhere dreamed and continuously recalled.