PhotoSaintGermain - Galerie John Ferrère


Caroline Corbasson and Andréa Montano, Tracks, direct charcoal prints, 2020.

Caroline Corbasson, Andréa Montano

January 7 – February 13

Photo Saint-Germain 2020

Opening Thursday 7 January

galerie l’inlassable 
18 rue Dauphine 75006 Paris, 24/7
+33(0) 1 73 74 75 45

For Photo Saint Germain, Caroline Corbasson and Andréa Montano join forces by delivering a work uniting two sciences that are a priori distant: astrophysics and botany. These two fields of research inspired them to create a photographic series entitled “Tracks” (rails, paths, tracks).
The charcoal prints, presented in diptychs, reveal a distant filiation between the vegetable and mineral kingdoms.
Passed under a black light, the petals of a flower are adorned with phosphorescent spots resulting from the phenomenon of pollination, but which under the lens of the artists become the seminal traces of the stars on their terrestrial offspring.