François-Auguste Biard, Caroline Corbasson, Rina Charlott Lindgren, Camille Benarab, Lopez, Anaïs Ysebaert
May 29 – June 18, 2014

La chasse aux ours, François-Auguste Biard ( 1798-1882 )

Caroline Corbasson, Black out map (Norway & Sweden North), dust and ink on map, 2013

Rina Charlott Lindgren, Hold on to nothing, pencil on paper, 2013

Camille Benarab-Lopez, Mise en abscisse et en ordonnée d’un phénomène boréal, graphite on paper, 2013

In 1838, a French expedition entitled La Recherche leaves to rescue a ship, lost in Scandinavian waters somewhere between Iceland and Greenland. There join European and Scandinavian renowned scientists, but also artists, such as François-Auguste Biard, witness of this daring adventure . It is the first great interdisciplinary and international research expedition on the northern territories . It is particularly marked by the first works on auroral phenomena.

At the invitation of Joakim Borda-Pedreira, galerie l’inlassable conceives for the Boiler Room Gallery in Oslo an exhibition echoing this first cooperation between France and Scandinavia. Thought like an expedition, La Recherche brings together the works of three European and one Scandinavian artist who share to be inspired  by this aesthetic of exploration while nourishing a certain fascination for the territories of the Far North.  Around a famous lithograph by François-Auguste Biard, direct witness of the first discoveries of La Recherche, therefore deploy Caroline Corbasson’s stellar atlases and her blackened maps of Norwegian skies, Rina Charlott Lindgren’s desolated and poetic landscapes meeting the imaginary scientific studies of boreal phenomenon by Camille Benarab-Lopez.  A fantastic bestiary by Anaïs Ysebaert will complete this extensive travel journal.