Gabriel Hensche

Change, part of  « Last one out turn off the lights », Galerie l’inlassable, Paris, 2017.

It felt like walking into the TV, galerie l’inlassable, Paris, 2017.

I’m not sure, Paris, 2017, video, HD, colour, sound, 7.49 min.

« Why does he say « swimwear » when he sees René Magritte’s painting of a naked woman ? Is he too shy to say « breast », « butt » or « vagina »? Perhaps he has mainly been exposed to product pictures and was never introduced to art ?
The film « I’m Not Sure » shows how an App, designed to be a vision-aid for the visually impaired, interprets art. By confronting the Neural Image Caption Generator with surrealist paintings, « I’m Not Sure » explores the psychology of an Artificial Intelligence. »
Gabriel Hensche. 


Gabriel Hensche was born in 1986 in Dresden, he studied Fine Arts in Stuttgart (with Christian Jankowski) and Tel Aviv (MFA).
His practice explores the potential of a given situation. Many of his performance, moving image and installation pieces enter a dialogue with the situation and circumstances they emerge from. These works – often located in the space where fiction and reality can not be clearly separated – investigate contemporary belief systems by rhyming, echoing and dispersing explanation models in order to explore possibilities for community and co-existence.

His work was supported and shown by different cultural organisations, amongst them:
Project Anywhere (NY), B-Tour Festival (Berlin, Belgrade), artist residencies Nida Art Colony
(LT), Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (FR) Art Cube Jerusalem (IL) and Viafarini, Milan (It).
He exhibited and collaborated with institutions like Kunst-Werke Berlin (DE), Akademie
Schloss Solitude (DE), Württembergischer Kunstverein (DE), Sinopale (TR), Brooklyn Film
Festival (US), Slamdance Film Festival (US), Manifesta 11, Cabaret der Künstler (CH).